Variety Of Handcrafted Collectables

Garden Bench Seats

A Collection Of 3 Different Designs 

*  Wagon Wheel Garden Seats with Solid Timber Seat and Back Swinging Chair     

* Supported by Solid Antique Timber Frame With Cannopy Roof 

Wagon Wheel Garden Seats

Master Crafted Over 5 Ft High Eagles

Large Carved Eagles Made From Acacia Timber 

A Must For Every Man Caves Private Collection 

That Will Surley Increase In Value ! !

$ 795 Each 

Masterfully Crafted 5ft High Eagles
Amazingly Detailed Rocking Horses

Amazingly Detailed Rocking Horses

Crafted With The Highest Quality Acacia Timber 

$ 975

Highly Detailed Character Carvings 3Ft High Large Carved Fruit Bowls

3Ft High Large Carved Fruit Bowls Crafted With The Highest Quality Acacia Timber

$ 975 For The Set 

Highly Detailed Character Carvings
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